Jungle Boy Doesn't Think His AEW Friendship With Christian Cage Was Planned

Cage has become somewhat of an on-screen mentor to Jungle Boy

AEW has been praised for who they integrate veteran wrestling talents with up-and-coming stars. We’ve seen Sting team up with Darby Allin, Matt Hardy take Private Party under his wing, and Christian Cage align himself with Jurassic Express, amongst others.

Now, according to Jurassic Express’ Jungle Boy, he doesn’t believe his pairing with Christian was planned, telling Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions:

“That just came about kinda organically. That was not really in the books, I don’t think. We were both a part of this battle royal at Double or Nothing, and I think that was supposed to be where it ended. And then we just had this cool connection. I feel some weird connection to him and he’s a really cool guy. He’s a quiet guy. When he first came around he didn’t really say a lot and I wasn’t really sure what he thought of the whole thing. And I feel like I’m not always the most talkative guy either, so I got that. But over time, he’s opened up and we started talking more, and now, we’ve kind of been put together."

“It’s really cool, because he kinda has all the pieces I feel like I’m missing as a wrestler,” continued Jungle Boy “In terms of the style that I’ve tried to emulate is a lot more new-school and all about crazy stuff, moves and all that, which I love, I’m all about that. But I feel like more with how he puts his matches together and just the way he thinks about things is so different than everyone in my age range or experience level. So it’s cool to be able to get that from him and pair it with what I’m doing.”


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