Kalisto: Vince McMahon Told Me I'd Go Far in WWE

The former Lucha Dragon was a two-time US Champion in WWE

When Kalisto won the WWE US Championship in 2016, many of us were surprised at the Lucha Dragons star’s singles win, but according to Kalisto himself, Vince McMahon told him he’d go far in WWE.

In early 2016, The Dragons were meant to feud with The New Day, but an injury to Sin Cara scuppered that, leading to Kalisto asking Mr. McMahon about his future.

“The following week I went to Vince's office for the first time, I'm like f*** it,” Kalisto said on Chris Van Vliet’s  Insight Podcast “I had a great conversation with him. I called him boss or 'hey sir.' He's like, 'You have a lot of potential, you're going to go far.' I was going to talk to him next week but they [writers] were like, 'You are in a program with John Cena.' I'm like, 'Okay, cool.' 'Then you are in a match with Del Rio for the title.’”

After usurping Del Rio as US Champion, Del Rio himself praised Kalisto directly to McMahon:

“I'm thinking how is he going to win?” Kalisto said. “But the professional that I am, you throw something at me, I will put on a show. When that [the title win] happened, they told me the finish right before I went out there. Del Rio helped me so much.”

Kalisto continued “We went at it, and when I won, I'm in the back and I start tearing up. I'm in the back and it started hitting me when Del Rio in front of Vince and me said, 'You see this kid. This kid is ready. You need to do something with him.'”

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