Karrion Kross Offers Update On Scarlett's WWE Absence

Scarlett is yet to make her debut on the WWE main roster

Since moving to the WWE main roster, Karrion Kross has been without his on-screen partner and real-life fiancée Scarlett.

A major aspect of the Kross gimmick in NXT, Scarlett is yet to make her own debut on Monday Night Raw with the former NXT Champion, who has gone it alone on the red brand since the summer.

Kross has now discussed Scarlett's whereabouts, saying on Table Talk: "This is what I can say without being deliberately cryptic. We are waiting for something to finish taking its course. She’s very good, and she’s been training like a maniac, like she always does. You can expect to see her any time or any place."

Going into detail about what it's like to work with his fiancée, Kross added: "Much easier and I wouldn’t have anticipated it. Nothing against her, it’s more of a me thing.

"I would have anticipated it to be a lot more difficult. I’ve worked really sparingly in tag situations on the independents. Especially in Mexico, we had a lot of six man’s. It was a great way to showcase a lot of people all at once. Sometimes, that can be a headache, working with other performers. Not because people are difficult but because everyone has their own subjective opinion or view on what the best way is to entertain someone for the time allotted.

"But with her and I, if we’re not thinking the exact same thing, we’re thinking the opposites in a way that complements what we’re trying to achieve, and I think that is personal chemistry more than anything and it translated to business, which is awesome."

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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