Keiji Muto Reflects On Final Match With Masahiro Chono

Keiji Muto wrestled Masahiro Chono one last time in the Tokyo Dome at his retirement event

Whilst everyone assumed Keiji Muto’s career was officially over when he was defeated by Tetsuya Naito at the Keiji Muto Grand Final Pro-Wrestling 'Last' Love Hold Out event in the Tokyo Dome, the legendary Muto had one last surprise up his sleeve as he challenged his fellow NJPW 'Musketeer' Masahiro Chono to one last match.

Chono would get the win with an STF in emotional scenes, and during the post-event press conference, Muto reflected on his final dance with Muto:

“This is something I really wanted to do. After all, I had my debut match with (Masahiro) Chono, and I wanted to end the show with him. I’m amazed he was able to move (like that). It was a great feat. He was pumping adrenaline. I was very happy. He lived up to my expectations,” said Muto.

The match with Chono brought the curtain down on a 39 year career that started with Chono in the New Japan dojo, and Muto revealed how he was working injured heading into the event:

“It’s been 39 years this year, and there have been tough times along the way. After all, I’ve been constantly injured, and this time, for the past month, I was really bothered by a separated hamstring. Fortunately, that’s all I had to do today. I worked really hard on the treatment and rehabilitation. I’m glad I was able to move more than I thought I could. Well, everyone has to deal with injuries. I’m really glad I was able to finish. Many wrestlers don’t get to have retirement matches like this, but I was really happy in my wrestling career,” said Muto.

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