Keith Lee Shows Off New White Hair Look On Social Media

Lee was released by WWE earlier this month

Keith Lee has taken to social media to reveal a new look, complete with white hair and beard.

Lee is often pictured with a trimmed hair-do and beard, completely black in colour, but the former WWE NXT Champion has now revealed that his natural hair colour has been slowly turning white since his teenage years.

A look that Lee really likes, it appears the former WWE talent is embracing his natural appearance following his departure from the promotion earlier this month.

Writing on Instagram, Lee said: "Not really a selfie person.... but here's a fun fact about me. I started getting white hair at 16 years of age!

"Personally, I rather like it. I wish it was all white lol. I dig the contrast. But, I assume different looks for different things obviously.

"Unfortunately, many don't understand science, and *only* associate it with age haha. Happy Thanksgiving humans. Consider the things you have to be thankful for."

Lee's new look can be seen in the Instagram post below:

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