Keith Lee: Vince McMahon Is Hands On With My 'Bearcat' Character In WWE

Lee debuts his new gimmick last month

Keith Lee has revealed that Vince McMahon has been 'quite hands on' with his transition into his new 'Bearcat' character.

Lee underwent a gimmick change on WWE Raw last month, adding the moniker 'Bearcat' to his name before defeating Akira Tozawa in his re-debut on the September 27 episode of Monday Night Raw.

The former NXT Champion is still getting used to his new gimmick but says WWE Chairman McMahon is talking through what he wants from Lee, something he appreciates.

Speaking on the Out Of Character Podcast when asked how much of his true self is in his character, Lee said: "It depends on which character you're talking about. Previously, if you're referring to anything in NXT or when I first came up to the main roster, I would say there wasn't really a character. It was just me being me, having fun, enjoying myself. That was just me turned up to a certain level that was above average.

"Bearcat has some relevance to who I am, but in a more competitive level, almost football related. Just a guy who wants to get business done. Bearcat is a guy who walks out there already ready to decimate whomever is in the ring. It's a real interesting switch, for sure."

Going further into his new character, Lee would reveal McMahon's influence on the gimmick, saying: "I would say he's been quite hands on, which is honestly something I need because I want to know what he wants as opposed to making a guess or estimation or hypothesis. If I know what he wants directly, it makes it that much easier to give him what he's looking for.

"He's the man, he runs this, if he wants a specific thing out of his talent, then the talent is to give him what he wants."

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