Kenny Omega Hoping The AEW Console Game Will Be Released In 2022

Kenny Omega hopeful of a 2022 release

All Elite Wrestling's console video game - AEW: Fight Forever - has been in development for two years and recent reports have noted the title is provisionally scheduled for release in September 2022. 

While he did not confirm the game would be coming out then, Kenny Omega told Put Your Quarters On The Glass! he was hopeful Fight Forever would be released this year. 

"I mean we're working real hard on trying to get something that is presentable, trying to get something that is gonna be complete, ASAP and hopefully that means this year. Hopefully we're also gonna have more materials to show everyone real soon and I know that there should be something actually really soon being released," Omega began.

"I'm not sure when this will release but you may have already seen it by now and that's just a little you know, taste for things to come but there should be something more expansive, something a little more of an in-depth look, I would say in the upcoming months, for sure just keep everyone up to speed let everyone know where we're at."

Few details have been revealed about the AEW console game for some time, but Omega has previously noted the title will be inspired by WWF No Mercy, Virtual Pro Wrestling, and King Of Colosseum. 

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