Kenny Omega Says He'd Love To Be Presented Like Roman Reigns

Kenny Omega says he is jealous of Roman Reigns' presentation

Kenny Omega’s recent Twitch streams have seen him be quite open about his thoughts and opinions on a range of topics across the professional wrestling world, including Rossy Ogawa, CM Punk, and WWE. He responded to mention of Roman Reigns in his chat, not standing for any slander. 

"I'm not going to accept Roman Reigns slander in this chat. I think he's incredible. I don't think he's boring either. I would actually say that I'm pretty jealous because Roman Reigns is presented in the exact same way that I would love to be presented. He's presented as the man who is the champion to have big matches at the pay-per-views where you're either really cheering for him or you're cheering for someone else. That's professional wrestling. He's getting to do what I did in New Japan so I can't be a hater on that. I'm a fan.”

Kenny Omega reigned as IWGP World Champion in NJPW, headlining many a show as one of the top stars in the company. In AEW, he also reigned as the AEW World Champion for the better part of a year, though interestingly did not mention his presentation in AEW when speaking about comparisons to Reigns. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly