Kevin Nash Wanted The Undertaker To Join WCW

'Taker ultimately never jumped ship

After signing with WWE in 1990, The Undertaker remained with the company as a wrestler for 30 years, eventually confirming his retirement at the 2020 edition of Survivor Series.

The Phenom stayed with the company when business was tough in the mid-1990s, but this didn't mean he didn't have offers from WCW to jump ship during the Monday Night Wars.

Kevin Nash famously joined WCW after his WWE contract expired in 1996 and Big Sexy revealed on the 83 Weeks podcast that he tried to convince The Undertaker to join him on Nitro. 

"It was the fact that [Michaels] had gotten that top spot and he knew he would be in the mix for that top spot. 'Taker was the one that I was trying to get. I'm not saying [he would've come], I just told him, I said 'Man, you've got to change up your gimmick. You got no bargaining power whatsoever as long as you stay in that Undertaker gimmick,'" Nash said.

"I'm not saying that made him turn into the American Badass, but I'm just saying that American Badass you can take pretty much anywhere you want to go. All of a sudden, they had to pay those guys money, if [WWE] wanted to keep them, they had to pay them money."

The Undertaker has previously explained he didn't re-sign with WCW because of his loyalty to Vince McMahon and his previous bad experience in the company.

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