Kevin Owens Reveals He's Open To A WWE Rematch With Goldberg

Under the right circumstances...

Back at Fastlane 2017, Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens to capture his first Universal Championship. KO managed to drag out the main event segment for 10 minutes by ducking and diving in and out of the ring, but the match itself only lasted 22 seconds and the WWE Hall Of Famer put the champion away with a Spear and a Jackhammer. 

Despite how the first match went down, Owens told Metro's Alistair McGeorge he would be open to a rematch under the right circumstances.

KO said: "To me, I don't see much positive out of wrestling him for two minutes, or 20 seconds or 30 seconds or whatever, you know what I mean? I'd love to work with him again if you got to do a story beyond – all we did was, what, two weeks, maybe three weeks? If we got to do some cool stuff, and some cool promos, exchange back and forth, and then have a quality match, that'd be great. But that's just not usually what he's here for."

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