Report: NJPW Has Renewed Interest In Using Chris Jericho

Could The Painmaker return after the pandemic...

On night two of Wrestle Kingdom 14, then AEW World Champion Chris Jericho went one on one with Hiroshi Tanahashi. The two men battled back and forth for 22 minutes in a widely praised match and The Painmaker picked up the win with the Walls Of Jericho. 

Le Champion hasn't appeared in New Japan Pro-Wrestling since January 5. The Wrestling Observer's Newsletter's Dave Meltzer previously noted Harold Meij had no plans for Jericho to return even before the COVID-19 pandemic because of his $100,000 per match contract. 

Harold Meij has since been replaced as NJPW president by Takami Ohbari and Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that New Japan has renewed their interest in using Jericho.

Meltzer said: "I know that when Harold Meij was there - because of the cost - he wasn't that hot on bringing Jericho back. Jericho actually I believe does not have a contract with New Japan any longer. I think that that's expired. But with Harold gone, I know that there was renewed interest in Jericho, but it doesn't matter now because he couldn't go (to Wrestle Kingdom 15). So, you know, that's something for down the line."

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