Kevin Owens Reveals Why He Didn't Pin Elias To Win WWE 24/7 Title On SmackDown Live

The Drifter was there for the taking...

During this week's SmackDown Live, WWE 24/7 Champion Elias was sat on the King Of The Ring throne, crown on his head, sceptre in hand, running down the people of New Orleans.

From behind the throne came Kevin Owens, who had earlier been told by The Drifter that Shane McMahon wasn't in attendance at the show.

Prizefighter Owens then proceeded to beat up Elias all the way down the ramp and into the ring, delivering a Stunner for good measure.

However, instead of pinning the 24/7 Champion, Owens stood there and did nothing as his music played.

Instead, R-Truth and Drake Maverick attempted to cover the stricken Elias, with Maverick eventually winning the green and gold for the fifth time.

Owens has recently taken to Twitter to reveal why he didn't want to add the 24/7 title to his collection of WWE championships won: "I have a family. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. I have responsibilities. I can’t worry about being rolled up by some dude while I’m dropping my kids off at school or enjoying a lovely night out with my wife. Congrats @WWEMaverick, though. Have fun with all of that."


On last week's SmackDown Live, of course, Elias defeated Owens in a KOTR first-round match thanks to some shady officiating from Shane McMahon.

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