Kevin Thorn Recalls Working ECW December to Dismember

Thorn was part of the notorious WWE produced event

It is nearly the fifteenth anniversary of WWE ECW’s one and only PPV - December to Dismember - an event still regarded as one of the worst PPVs in wrestling history.

With only two matches advertised ahead of broadcast, the rest of the card was seemingly pulled together at random, and now former ECW star Kevin Thorn has shared his thoughts on the event.

In conversation with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted podcast, Thorn agreed that the show was ‘slapped together’, before admitting his memories of the show are limited:

"You know, the only thing I can remember about it is I think I got like a $6000 check for it and I was pretty happy about that," said Thorn. "It wasn't my fault, I didn't write the thing. I just had to go out there and deal the cards we were handed. It just proves it's the big guy's toy and there's days he just doesn't want to do anything with anybody. It was just kind of slapped together for no reason, I think. And that's why it came off the way it did is - they were more concerned probably with RAW going on Monday than they cared about that pay-per-view on that Sunday.”

The main event of the show saw Bobby Lashley win an Elimination Chamber to become ECW World Champion, defeating former champion Big Show, with Test, Hardcore Holly, Rob Van Dam, and CM Punk also involved in the match. Post-show, ECW show-runner Paul Heyman parted ways with WWE, allegedly due to disagreements with Vince McMahon.

"Oh, he hated every bit of it," Thorn added. "Yeah, he hated every bit of it.”

Heyman allegedly wanted CM Punk to eliminate Big Show first in the match then win the entire bout, but McMahon decided it was to be Lashley’s night.

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