Killer Kross Reportedly Requests Release From Impact Wrestling

Another promising talent on the outs?

After nearly a year spent with Impact Wrestling, the imposing Killer Kross is reportedly on the outs with the promotion, and has requested his release, per Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

The main cause of the apparent rift between Kross and Impact has been pay. Johnson cites "numerous sources" in reporting that Kross is unhappy with the multi-year deal he signed a year ago, and has asked for a raise based on the perception of his market value. In addition to a raise, Kross also sought a guaranteed deal as opposed to being paid by the date (the latter being the terms of his current deal).

Kross also reportedly hasn't been keen on how he's been presented creatively, but money remains the primary issue.

According to Johnson's sources, Kross pushed for a six-figure guaranteed deal that far exceeds his current contract. Impact reportedly did offer him a restructured three-year deal with a raise, though the terms are below what Kross apparently sought. After not agreeing to the restructured offer, Kross asked for his release one week or so ago.

Johnson adds that Impact has not granted his release, and has no current plans to do so, though the relationship between the two sides is said to still be "professional".

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