Killian Dain: Nikki Cross Never Thought Her Superhero Gimmick Would Make It To WWE TV

Cross is now Nikki A.S.H

The former Killian Dain is loving watching his wife, Nikki Cross, portray the character she created on WWE Raw, revealing neither of them thought the opportunity would come.

Nikki has switched her character to become a superhero-like individual, one who openly acknowledges they don't have superpowers but still fights for what she believes is right.

The WWE superstar created the gimmick herself and husband Dain is delighted to see her standing out on her own and portraying a character that the WWE audience has not seen for a long time.

Speaking on Ringside Rant, Damo said: "What I love about this gimmick is it’s given her the opportunity to be the character she really wants to be. She wants to be appropriate for little girls and someone to aspire towards because not all our characters are that way, some are villains or whatever, so this is a good opportunity for her to be, especially the way the world is right now, to be a positive force, it’s actually quite incredible.

"It’s been fun because this [idea was hers] and she was able to pitch it. It took a long time to get started. The funniest part is we thought it was never going to happen, then boom! It was all 'go, go, go!'

"She’s loving it right now. Even when she started doing stuff on TV right before the superhero gimmick, this all happened out of nothing. Somebody got hurt or something and she filled in, it went well because she’s that type of character and great. They were like, 'Okay, let’s go full steam ahead with the superhero stuff'. 

"Honestly, it’s a great experience for her. She’s out there on her own now. She’s not attached to SAnitY, she’s not attached to Alexa, this is just her and she’s an incredible talent. She’s got all this charisma, but there’s a lot of times that you don’t get to showcase that, that’s the nature of the business, but she’s getting that opportunity now and my fingers and toes are crossed for her."

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