Kofi Kingston: WWE Opening Forbidden Doors Is Really Exciting

An exciting opportunity

While WWE have largely avoided working with other professional wrestling promotions in recent years, that is set to change at the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view and WWE recently struck a deal with IMPACT Wrestling for Mickie James to appear in the 30-woman match. 

One rare case of WWE Superstars interacting with non-WWE talent came at E3 2018, though, when The New Day took on The Elite at Street Fighter V.

Speaking about the opening of WWE's forbidden door, Kofi Kingston once again mentioned The Elite and called WWE's decision to work with other promotions "really exciting."

"We talk about working with The Elite all the time, having a six-man with The Elite. We kind of tested it a little bit when we played them at Street Fighter. That wasn't supposed to happen. We thought, at some point, it was going to get pulled. 'Wait a minute, we know who these guys are, you can't be socialising and acknowledging people from other universes,' but here we are," Kofi said on the Battleground Podcast.

"It's crazy and it's a great thing. The Royal Rumble, you always look to it to wonder who is going to come out. In the past, you assumed it was going to be someone who was in WWE in the past or WCW in the past, but now, for us to be openly crossing bridges and opening Forbidden Doors, it's really exciting."

Kofi also commented on James' upcoming appearance, revealing she was like a big sister to him in WWE.

"It's fitting that the first person announced was Mickie James. It's so Mickie to pop her head in and be like, 'Hey, I'm here.' I'm super excited for her. She's someone I've been pretty close with all over my career. She's taken me under her wing and been in this big sister role. I'm excited to see her as a human being because I haven't seen her in I don't know how long. It's wild. You never thought you would see someone from another promotion coming into our WWE Universe. It's really exciting and opens up a lot of doors, hopefully. We'll see what happens," Kingston added.

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