John Cena On Announcing Osama Bin Laden's Death At A WWE Show

Cena was speaking to Pardon My Take about the surreal moment.

John Cena recently appeared on Pardon My Take and spoke on a number of topics, including the moment he announced Osama bin Laden's death to a live WWE audience at Extreme Rules 2011.

Cena had wrestled in the main event of the show, and revealed the news following the broadcast - a dark segment which was later aired, and can be found on WWE's YouTube channel. 

Elaborating on the moment, Cena explained:

"I was being fed the news live and we were at a pay per view in the D.C. area. This is a piece of news that shook the United States to its very core with the events of 9/11. I thought it was something that people should know. [...] I just tried to think of a way to convey the message, to make it as digestible as possible. And that’s what popped into my head."

He also admitted that he didn't anticipate the footage making its way to a wider audience, and said that his focus was on the crowd in attendance. 

"I just did it literally for the people in the arena, because if you’re on the broadcast you can click and find the news elsewhere. So I just really did it for the live people in the arena that may not have instant access to that piece of information."

H/T to Wrestling Inc.

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