Kurt Angle Details His Poor Quality Of Life, Regrets Not Retiring Earlier

Angle is suffering due to decades of amateur and pro wrestling.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has paid the price for his long and illustrious in-ring career. 

Along with his well-documented neck issues, Angle has also had various other injuries throughout the years. He underwent double knee replacement surgery last year, as well as a procedure on his back a few months ago.

Asked about his current quality of life during a recent appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the Olympic gold medallist revealed that he continues to suffer daily from intense pain, to the point that he wishes he had retired from the business much earlier than he did. 

Per Angle:

"You know what, my quality of life right now Chris isn't so good. I had my knees replaced about a year ago, I had back surgery about four months ago, I have to have my shoulder replaced, and I still have another neck, same surgery coming up. That will be my fourth neck surgery. I really paid the price wrestling as long as I did. I wrestled amateur wrestling for 20 years and then pro for 20. And looking back, sometimes I regret maybe I should have retired five years earlier.

"It comes to a point in time in your life when you're older, and you want to play with your kids. And here I am having these surgeries, I can't really do anything with them. I can't pick them up. I can't play with them. I can't run with them. So it gets a little disgruntled thing that I'm not able to be the father that I want to be. And what I'm doing now is I'm having knee surgeries to have a better quality of life so I can play with them. And I just want to make it fast. Because these kids are growing up quickly. And I don't want to miss it"

The 54-year-old recently said he believes he would be considered the GOAT if he hadn't left WWE in 2006. 

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