Kurt Angle: Fit Finlay Could Have Been One Of The Faces Of WWE

"Fit is the most talented wrestler I've ever seen in the ring. He is incredible, and his technique is awesome."

Kurt Angle has named Fit Finlay as one of the most talented wrestlers he's ever seen and believes he could have been one of WWE's top guys. 

Finlay, who now works for WWE has a backstage producer, joined the promotion as a Superstar in 2005 and worked on-screen after years of being a trainer for the company. 

The Irishman would win the United States Championship during his time in WWE but Angle believes Finlay could have enjoyed much more success with the promotion, had they backed him, because of the amount of talent he had between the ropes.

Speaking on the most recent episode of the Kurt Angle Show, he said: "Fit was awesome. He was a great teacher. A great wrestler. He is one of the greatest technicians of all time. I think the only thing why he is not talked about is because he never made it to the level of a Kurt Angle.

"And don't get me wrong, he has made it up there. He has been in the main event here and there, but I don't think he had the success that he deserved to have. Fit Finlay had all the tools to make it big in the business. He could have been one of the faces of the company. I just don't think that the company chose to do that.

"Fit is the most talented wrestler I've ever seen in the ring. He is incredible, and his technique is awesome.

"He comes up with so many innovative ideas. You know, he came up with the thing for me when I was wrestling, I think it was Benoit, and he wanted me to use a chair and put Benoit in the chair and like have him hit the floor and have Benoit's larynx get all messed up. And, it was a brilliant spot. 

"Fit comes up with all these great situations and spots. He is very innovative with that stuff. He is a very talented individual."

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