Eric Bischoff Says Riddle Could Be The Future Of WWE

"He’s different, and he’s good. He’s gonna get better and better and better."

Eric Bischoff has named Riddle as the man who could be WWE's next big star. 

Former United States Champion Riddle has featured heavily on Raw in recent weeks, forming an interesting partnership with Randy Orton after competing with The Viper a couple of weeks ago. 

 Former WCW Executive Producer Bischoff is enjoying what he's seeing of Riddle at the moment and believes the former UFC fighter is going to just get better as time goes on. 

Speaking on his 83 Weeks Podcast, Bischoff was asked the names of the wrestlers he saw as the future of the business. Bischoff would say, from All Elite Wrestling, MJF, before offering further details about why he picked Riddle. 

He said: "'This one will shock people maybe, but Matt Riddle. I’m kind of digging it. He’s different, and he’s good. He’s gonna get better and better and better.

"I love the Randy Orton and Matt Riddle combination. I don’t know if it’s long-term, but there’s a buddy cop movie that takes place in the ring. You’re talking about two different types of personalities that could really play well off of each other."

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