Kurt Angle Recalls Brian Gewirtz's WWE Wrestlers' Court Trial

Five cases of beer for the boys

When there is a matter to be settled in the WWE locker room, Superstars take their issues to Wrestlers' Court, an elaborate faux court with prosecuting and defence attorneys. The Undertaker was usually the judge, but the likes of JBL and Triple H would also oversee the court at times, with punishments being handed down to the guilty party.

Kurt Angle recalled his own experiences with Wrestlers' Court on The Kurt Angle Show and he reflected on WWE Writer Brian Gewirtz being called in front of the court after being accused of favouritism.

"TNA did not have a wrestler's court. WWE did. I remember there was one case, if you want to call it that, it was the writer, Brian Gewirtz. He was accused by the prosecuting attorney, John Bradshaw Layfield, he was accused of favouring certain talent to write for them. That talent being me, Jericho, The Rock and Edge & Christian. The judge was Undertaker," Angle began.

"Brian had to go to court, and facing Bradshaw, you're not going to win. So Brian had to defend himself and Bradshaw was the prosecuting attorney. What happened was a lot of the wrestlers got to speak their minds about Brian not writing for them. But listen, Brian was told who to write for. It's not like he got to pick and choose. But he did find chemistry with certain people and when he did that, he would put a little more time and effort into those people that he had chemistry with. So I understand Brian, but I also understand the boys being upset because Brian did write specifically for me, Rock, Jericho, and Edge & Christian, and I think Hurricane Helms," he continued.

"So I understand why they did what they did, but at the end of the hearing, Brian had to buy five cases of beer for the wrestlers. So at least they didn't do anything physical to him and only made him buy beer."

Gewirtz worked in WWE as a writer from 1999 until 2012 and he remained with the company until 2015 as a consultant. Gewirtz has since taken on many projects outside of the industry and he is one of the producers on 'Young Rock.' 

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