Kurt Angle Reveals Heat With Randy Orton Over Joke Tweet

The Viper did not find Angle's attempt at humour amusing...

Kurt Angle has revealed how a tweet poking fun at Randy Orton for using the Angle Slam in 2011 got him heat with The Viper.

Orton utilised an Angle Slam-like move during his WrestleMania 27 match with CM Punk, prompting the Olympic Gold Medallist - who was signed with TNA at the time - to tweet out a joke message in which he promised to not beat Orton up for using his move. 

It appears Orton did not see the funny side, however. 'The Legend Killer' took to social media himself not long after, indicating that Angle should see his use of the move as a sign of respect. 

Angle tweet 2011

Kurt Angle's tweet in 2011

Angle says that his tweet earned him some issues with Orton but the WWE Hall Of Famer insisted he was just joking around. 

Angle was taking part in a Q&A on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, and was asked what he thought about Apollo Crews and Orton using his old finishing move, responding: "I got heat from Randy (Orton) for tweeting out one time that he stole my finish and I told him I was just kidding. He was pretty p***** off, but I was just kidding!

"You know, anybody that wants to come up with a move or wants to do somebody’s move, as long as you’re not in that company you might as well use it. So, if Apollo (Crews) wants to use it, I’m retired. So he might as well remind people of something that I did in the past and it will make my legacy carry on to some extent. So I’m glad Apollo is using it."

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