Kurt Angle Wanted New 'Team Angle' With American Alpha

"I wanted to be the World champion and have them be the Tag Team champions..."

Kurt Angle has revealed he wanted to form a second version of Team Angle with American Alpha during his final run in WWE.

The Olympic Gold Medallist returned to the WWE ring in 2017, at a time when American Alpha- Jason Jordan and Chad Gable - were beginning to establish themselves as one of the company's most talented tag teams. 

Angle saw a lot of similarities between American Alpha and his old Team Angle stablemates, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, and was eager to work with the duo in order to help elevate the group. 

The 52-year-old had grand plans for Jordan and Gable to become WWE Tag Team Champions while he held the WWE Championship, but WWE Officials went in another direction, instead deciding to name Jordan as Angle's illegitimate son in July 2017. 

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, he said: “I was excited because I wanted to pair up with Jason and Chad when they were tag team partners. I wanted to wrestle and I wanted to be the World champion and have them be the Tag Team champions just like Team Angle and I thought it made a lot of sense. 

"They decided that I was going to have an illegitimate son and they weren’t sure who it was gonna be, and they decided to pick Jason over Chad. I’m not sure why, but it might have been a politically correct move but I was happy.”

The grand goal of the Angle and Jordan storyline was supposed to end in a match between the two at WrestleMania 35, according to the Hall Of Famer, but Jordan's neck injury resulted in Angle being left without a match for the event until WWE decided on putting him with Baron Corbin. 

He added. “I was excited about it because Jason is a great talent and he was improving every week. His chops were improving, his work was improving, he was getting a lot better. 

"He was on his way to main event status until he hurt his neck and that’s where that program ended and I was stuck high and dry without a partner for the next WrestleMania, because that’s who I was going to wrestle. They immediately paired me with Baron Corbin.”

Angle's contest with Corbin would end up being his retirement match, something he admitted ended up being 'filler' on the WrestleMania 35 card.


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