Arn Anderson: There Shouldn’t Be WWE PPVs Between Royal Rumble And WrestleMania

The Enforcer thinks Fastlane is an unnecessary bump on the road to WrestleMania

The latest episode of the ARN Podcast with Arn Anderson and Conrad Thompson looked back at WWE Fastlane 2016. Arn and Conrad discussed the WWE PPV schedule from January to April every year, with Arn revealing that he feels PPV events between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania are unnecessary.

“There wasn’t much time between the Rumble and WrestleMania, probably not enough” Anderson said. “It always felt like after the Rumble, the WrestleMania main event was set and you were pretty much now in a position where we got our main event, now let’s start filling the blanks around it.

“When you had to immediately build to Fastlane, as soon as Fastlane was over then you had a rushed build to WrestleMania. I just felt like that was one pay-per-view that was jammed in there that we could’ve done without.”

Anderson went on to say that in an ideal world, four pay-per-views a year is the way to go:

“I love that pay-per-view every four months and man, build it huge. It just seemed like to me that’s the one pay-per-view, once you had the Rumble, Fastlane could have easily went away and it wouldn’t have pissed anybody off.”

Golden era WWE had a four PPV a year model until the advent of King of the Ring, and later the In Your House series to keep up with rivals WCW. While some fans would welcome a return to this old-school way of booking, the business has probably changed too much for it to be a feasible move for WWE.

H/T: Wrestling Inc. for the transcription

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