Lance Archer Wants To Work With Sting In AEW

Murderhawk vs. The Crow? Archer wants it

Everyone loves Sting. From CM Punk, to Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley, everyone respects ‘The Icon’, but as he gets older, the chances of sharing a ring with the Stinger get slimmer and slimmer.

Before it’s too late though, Lance Archer wants to get in the ring with Sting, with the pair having never clashed, despite sharing locker-rooms in TNA and AEW.

“You know a lot of guys and girls in this industry they start watching when they’re young but I did not start watching until I was a sophomore or junior of high school. Funnily enough, one of the guys in our company is Sting. Sting is the guy I kind of gravitated towards,” said Archer on Sean Patrick Chats. “He kind of donned the whole ‘Crow’ persona which is a kind of old-school movie and it just really captured my attention. As I went into college and whatnot, I became a massive fan of him and of wrestling altogether. I was playing football because it was my dream and my goal was to play football, and it didn’t pan out. And once I was done with football, I found a wrestling school and as they say, the rest is history.

“It almost wasn’t because I didn’t realise how painful this was, back to your question earlier, and with all the wear and tear and damage on the body, I didn’t realise how painful pro wrestling actually was. I think a lot of people see what they see on TV and think it’s performed acrobatics and it’s not. If I pick somebody up over my head, I’m 6-foot-6 and if I chokeslam them, those people are at least eight feet in the air and come slamming down. Not on a trampoline, which some people think that it is, it’s steel framing and a canvas and it doesn’t move a whole lot. People think it’s bouncy but it’s not. But yeah, Sting is the guy who got me interested in pro wrestling and it’s really cool because I’ve had some opportunities both in my early career working with him in TNA, [it’s called] IMPACT Wrestling now, and now here with AEW and being able to share some my time with him. And hopefully, before his or my time is up, I hope to get to share some ring time with him.”

H/T: WrestleZone

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