Late Changes To This Week's WWE Raw Script Reportedly Revealed

A lack of Seth Rollins explained...

We're always hearing about the script for WWE Raw not being finalised until the show is just about to go on the air. Sometimes, we even hear about the show changing as its happening live in front of the world.

It appears that a whole host of changes were made just ahead of this week's show, with Wrestling Observer Radio reporting the following amendments during a recent episode:

  • WWE thought Seth Rollins would have been cleared by now, and because of that, the show was going to revolve around him. The Architect still hasn't been cleared, though.

  • Alexa Bliss was initially going to lose to Ronda Rousey in a squash match. However, with Rollins no longer a part of the show, time needed to be filled. WWE made the Ruby Riott match as they thought it would have been better than a longer Alexa Bliss match.

  • Finn Balor vs. Richochet was scrapped by Triple H. The Game didn't want to give that match away so soon and didn't see how Ricochet could have won given the fact Balor won the Intercontinental Championship 24 hours earlier. Triple H reportedly didn't like the babyface vs. babyface dynamic either.

Dave Meltzer also claimed that the NXT call ups were done because Vince McMahon feels there aren't enough great wrestlers on Monday nights in WWE. Therefore, Vince asked Triple H for his four best guys in NXT.

Allegedly, Messrs Black, Gargano, Ciampa and Ricochet will be pushed "super hard" out of the gate and made into stars on the main roster.

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