Latest On WWE Plans For Jade Cargill

More on WWE’s plans for Jade Cargill

With the belief that Jade Cargill has wrestled her last match for All Elite Wrestling and is potentially set to sign for WWE, speculation has turned to what WWE could have in store for ‘That B****’.

Cargill is believed to have finished up with AEW after the September 13 tapings, with a move to WWE widely believed to be next on the cards. Initial reports suggested that Cargill could be set for NXT, and a follow-up from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has potentially shed some more light on WWE’s plans for Cargill.

Some in WWE believe that the inaugural AEW TBS Champion could be set to come in and join the main roster, although WON’s sources in WWE have suggested that no deal has been completed as of writing. Cargill and AEW allegedly parted ways due to Cargill’s deal expiring and the two sides being far apart in valuation when it came to money. Whilst WWE would assumedly be set to pay Cargill far more than they would their average NXT/developmental talent, it is suggested that Cargill’s skills and experience level aren’t quite up to main roster standards, and she may have to spend some time in NXT.

Despite no agreements having been announced between Cargill and WWE, sources within both AEW and WWE believe a deal is certainly in the works.

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