Latest On Zelina Vega's WWE Exit

And the success of her Twitch stream...

More than two months ago, Vince McMahon issued an order for all talents to disassociate themselves from any third-party media outlets, such as Twitch, Cameo, and the like.

While some wrestlers complied, Zelina Vega not only kept her Twitch, but also opened an OnlyFans account. She was released from WWE this past Friday, and tweeted, "I support unionization" in conjunction with her exit.

Dave Meltzer spoke about the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, and reports that Vega was apparently making more money through her social channels than she was with WWE.

"One person kinda told me that when the (company edict) first went down, there are a couple of women that are making more money with their social media than they are with WWE," Meltzer said. "One of those was Zelina Vega. On her Twitch, she was making a lot of money.

"So it's like, what do you do in that situation? I think she made her choice, they had to fire her, and then right before it got out that she was fired, she made a tweet about how she supports unionization - which she has said before. I mean, it's not like that's the first time she's said that. That did play into *some* of it."

Meltzer also noted that WWE performers are now without the money they would make working house shows, and that other revenue sources like third-party media platforms have become more viable options for them. 

He goes on to note that WWE performers who signed for bigger contracts after the advent of AEW have been less vocal about the situation, while those who signed previously are largely unhappy with WWE's orders, due to their lower guarantees.

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