Latest Update On When Eric Bischoff Will Start Working At WWE SmackDown Live

Looks like it'll be a little bit longer...

Paul Heyman's presence at Monday Night Raw as the show's new Executive Director has already been noted, as stories indicated that Heyman was sat beside McMahon at the Gorilla position for recent shows, already immersed in the red brand.

New SmackDown Executive Director Eric Bischoff, however, is still yet to report to his new position, though he's expected to be on board in the not-too-distant future.

But according to a comment he made on the most recent 83 Weeks aftershow, Bischoff will not be at Extreme Rules in Philadelphia on Sunday, as he will still be in the process of moving to Stamford, CT at the time of the show.

"I'll be driving on Sunday," said Bischoff. "It's gonna take me five days, it's like 2000 miles. I've got a couple stops I want to make along the way. I'll probably be stuck on the Ohio Turnpike on Sunday."

Bischoff also admitted it's going to take some time before he's on board with the modern product, adding, "I’ve got a lot to learn between now and the time I actually am fully integrated into the process, because the audience has changed. Television has changed. So much has changed over the last five or seven years that I’ve got some catching up to do."

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