Report: Vince McMahon Did Not Attend Tuesday's WWE SmackDown Live Taping

But stayed in contact...

Regular overseer Vince McMahon was not at Tuesday's taping in Manchester, NH, according to a report in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

According to Dave Meltzer, while McMahon was absent from the event, he was still in constant contact with what were likely the key personnel in charge, and also reviewed the show over the phone an hour before it started.

Triple H worked the Gorilla position for the night, while Bruce Prichard was reportedly the one presenting the show to the company's producers. Meltzer's report claims that Prichard, "...started out with a rah rah speech which we were told came across very transparent."

It is not clear at this time what the reason was for McMahon missing the show, although there have been a handful of shows over the previous year (namely a Raw and a SmackDown in the same week last month) that McMahon has not attended.

Meltzer also reported that Eric Bischoff is expected to be involved with this Tuesday's episode of SmackDown in Worcester, MA, after completing his cross-country move to the Stamford area.

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