Update On Cedric Alexander Being Gary “The GOAT” Garbutt On WWE Raw

Roman Reigns' mystery partner...

Monday night's episode of WWE Raw ended in really confusing fashion.

The main event of the night saw Shane McMahon team with Drew McIntyre against Roman Reigns and Gary “The GOAT” Garbutt. Garbutt, a janitor and definitely not a professional wrestler, was handpicked by McMahon to be Reigns' partner.

Shane, The Best In The World, kindly allowed Gary to wear a mask.

Gary came out for the start of the match and stood on the apron - something Shane was going to pay him $5000 for. However, towards the end of the bout, Gary got into the ring and started kicking ass and taking names, but would eventually be wiped out by a devastating Claymore Kick.

The Goat took off his mask off and was revealed to be Cedric Alexander. While it looked like Roman had almost pulled a fast one on McMahon and McIntyre, The Big Dog himself looked confused after the reveal so goodness knows what was going on.

PWInsider have been able to provide an update regarding the creative process that happened on Monday, and for the avoidance of any doubt, here's what they have found out: "The original idea was Roman Reigns' opponent on Raw was to have an extra portray the role but over the course of the day, there was a pitch for Cedric Alexander to do the spots instead.  We are told there will be a follow-up to Alexander's involvement on Raw Monday."

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