Less WWE Buzz Than Usual Over Potential CM Punk Signing

The likelihood of CM Punk signing with WWE seems very uncertain.

The idea of CM Punk signing with WWE has generated less buzz within the company than one would expect, according to a report by Haus of Wrestling.

Punk was fired by AEW following an incident at the All In pay-per-view at Wembley Stadium, where he reportedly had a physical backstage confrontation with Jack Perry in view of Tony Khan. There have also been reports since suggesting that Punk also had multiple verbal altercations with Khan, and may also have "lunged" at him.

On the topic of Punk heading to WWE, the Haus of Wrestling report states:

"I’ve done a lot of asking around about a possible WWE return since Punk’s termination, and I have yet to meet someone in WWE or with knowledge of the situation who has ruled it out. One WWE source I spoke with noted that the buzz internally about Punk as a potential free agent is not there like it was when Cody Rhodes was rumoured to be on the market at the beginning of 2022. Another source told me that while there could be interest, timing is everything in the pro wrestling business, and at the moment, WWE’s product is hot and not necessarily in need of a big-name signing.

"With that said, multiple sources made it clear to me that they saw WWE and Punk working together as a possibility if good business can be done. Especially with WWE and UFC merging to form TKO Group Holdings, the new publicly traded company will be looking for more ways to appease stockholders, whom it ultimately answers to."

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