Lince Dorado: Why I Asked For My WWE Release

The luchador didn't like his position in the company

Former WWE star Lince Dorado was a guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast this week and discussed, among other things, why he asked for his release from the company. 

"I needed to leave, and yeah, I was looking forward to it. I was looking forward to being my own boss, being creative, saying things how I wanted to say it, being how I wanted to be, dressing how I wanted to dress, and representing Lucha Libre how I wanted to represent it.

"I want to put my flavour on it. That's why I had asked for my release. I just felt like I was complacent. I felt like I was just floating. I wasn't progressing creatively. I just didn't like my position. I just needed a change. As much as it's scary, and as much as I left how much money on the table, and how much time I had left on my contract, it wasn't worth it to me. I needed that peace of mind of being free and being creatively free".

Dorado wrestled for WWE between the summer of 2016 and his release on November 4, 2021. 

It was reported that he and fellow Lucha House Party member Gran Metalik had repeatedly asked for their releases for months before they were finally granted. 

The Golden Lynx noted during the interview that he was currently working on many different things, including writing books and graphic novels, and was hoping to open a Lucha Libre school in the near future. 

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