Lio Rush Says Vince McMahon Pitched Bobby Lashley's "Ass Pose" Angle

It apparently included a demonstration...

Lio Rush's time as Bobby Lashley's vociferous hype man may have ultimately been short-lived, but the duo enjoyed some high-profile success together. That, and a few interesting character quirks.

One recalls Lashley's particular pose in which he called attention to his backside, as it was a regular part of the pair's routine.

In an interview with Fightful, Rush claims that the idea for the emphasis on Lashley's glutes came from Vince McMahon himself.

"I would listen to podcasts all the time and hear these crazy stories about Vince and some of the stuff that he comes up with," Rush said. "It just sounded like a comic book or something. But, actually experiencing it live. 

"Like, I’ll never forget when he explained the whole he wanted Bobby to start bending over and me pointing at his ass. Like, he reenacted it. He showed us what he wanted and it was so crazy."

McMahon also apparently pitched an idea of having Elias smash his guitar over Lashley's ass, according to Rush.

The former Cruiserweight champion said he and Lashley's pairing was Vince's "little baby", and remembers spending much time in the Chairman's midst, saying, "Every single week I was in Vince’s office, listening to what he wanted for that week with me and Bobby. Which is crazy because I’ve heard people have been in the company for a year, two years, and they’ve never had a meeting with Vince. 

"I was in his office every week, which was insane."

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