Lita Recalls Working With Eddie Guerrero In WWE

Lita and Essa Rios worked an angle with Eddie and Chyna in May 2000

WWE’s Attitude Era was a very different time compared to the WWE we now today. Blood, nudity, and profanity were the order of the day, and nothing was seemingly off limits, with inter-gender wrestling matches being common in the fed. 

Of all of WWE’s women’s division stars to compete in inter-gender matches, Lita is one of the most notable, making her name as part of Team Extreme with the Hardy Boyz.

Before her Team Extreme days though, Lita was paired with Essa Rios, and the duo took on Chyna and Eddie Guerrero in mixed tag action on SmackDown in May 2000, with Eddie memorably powerbombing Lita onto the floor during a segment on Raw is War. Lita hasn’t forgotten the experience though, saying on an East Coast Autograph Auctions session:

"We were doing a storyline and it was me and Essa Rios vs. Chyna and Eddie Guerrero. The four of us hung out and interacted a lot during that time because that storyline went on for quite a bit. The main thing was, I went to do a hurricanrana to him and he reversed it and powerbombed me onto the floor and I fought so hard to have him do that to me and he kept saying, 'No, it's going to hurt you. I don't want to do that.' I kept going, 'It's going to be fine.' Sure enough, it really hurt me. I couldn't let him know because he felt so bad about even doing it.”

This wouldn’t be the last rough bump Lita took at the hands of a male competitor in WWE, memorably taking her share of punishment in historic matches such as TLC II at WrestleMania X-Seven.

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