Indi Hartwell Wants WWE Dream Match With Sasha Banks & Bayley

Hartwell has her eyes set high

Indi Hartwell has named a Triple Threat bout with Sasha Banks and Bayley as her dream match in WWE.

Banks and Bayley were two of the trailblazers in NXT before making their respective way up to the WWE main roster five years ago. Since then, both The Boss and The Role Model have established themselves as two of the company's biggest figures, competing in multiple history-making matches.

As one of the new era of NXT female competitors, Hartwell would relish the opportunity to step into the ring with two of the four horsewomen, although did concede that her answer for her dream match changes on a daily basis.

Speaking to Fightful, Hartwell said: "I'm gonna have to cheat this answer and say a triple threat match with Sasha [Banks] and Bayley. Two for one, so I don't have to pick just one opponent. I have a ton of dream matches and that question comes up a lot, so I give different answers, but today that is my answer."

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