Liv Morgan Calls Sister Abigail Rumors "Flattering Fanfiction"

Says it was never in the cards...

Some time ago, Liv Morgan's absence from WWE television (as well as social media posts that hinted at changes away from her Riott Squad aesthetic) led to speculation that her eventual return could somehow tie in to Bray Wyatt, playing the physical embodiment of the oft-referenced Sister Abigail.

Talking to Sportskeeda ahead of her Women's Tag Team title match at Sunday's Clash of Champions, Morgan put those rumors to rest, saying that all speculation toward her filling that role was just wishful thinking on the part of some.

"I think it's very flattering fanfiction. I, I was never, you know, respectfully, hoping to be Sister Abigail. I was never pushing to be Sister Abigail." Morgan said. "I went away for a while and I'm finding myself and I'm exploring myself and I have all these thoughts and emotions and I'm trying to let people know without literally saying it.

And they just, kind of, wanted me to return so bad. I think that that was, they felt that was it. They felt that that was it. That was what I was going to be doing. That's a very flattering, you know, fanfic. But all it is is fanfic."

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