Logan Paul Will "Probably" Have A Full-Time WWE Run After WrestleMania 38

Logan Paul is considering staying with WWE full-time after WrestleMania 38

Logan Paul is a divisive figure to put it simply, with news of his involvement with WWE’s upcoming WrestleMania 38 igniting debate amongst wrestling fans, a year after Paul appeared at WrestleMania 37.

However, according to Logan Paul himself, if Mania goes well then he may just stick around with WWE, telling TalkSport’s Alex McCarthy:

“If I continue my involvement in WWE, hopefully I can bring stuff to the table that switches it up. I’m an innovator and I’m always here to pitch ideas and at the end of the day I’m creative. If I can get more involved in the behind the scenes stuff with Vince’s approval, that would be fun.”

Asked whether he would consider a permanent role with the company, Paul was straightforward with his answer:

“To be honest, bro… Probably. Yeah, probably,” Paul continued. “It just has to make sense with my schedule. I’m doing so much stuff and I have to really be careful where I allocate my energy. This happened with boxing. At first I did it, I tried it out and I loved it, so I kept doing it. 

“Today was the first day – because we had training today – I was like ‘oooh yeah, this is f****** fun.’ So again, I fall in love with this sport and I soak in the energy at WrestleMania and feel like there’s a future for me here, man, I’m gonna have to run with it. But it’s not my decision, it’s up to the fans. Either love me or hate me – that’s great. But if they’re indifferent to me, we got a f****** problem and I’ll probably get out of this sport.”

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