Malakai Black Notes His Current AEW Presentation Is Different From What He Originally Envisioned

Malakai Black is different to what was originally envisioned

Malakai Black is without a doubt one of the most intriguing characters in AEW, with his presentation and that of the House of Black second-to-none.

Despite this, Black’s AEW journey has been somewhat slow at times and fairly stop/start, with the former NXT Champion revealing on the Universal Wrestling podcast that his overall presentation in AEW is different to what he originally envisioned:

“I had a lot of good soundboards and a lot of good people kneading my brain into what this rough ball of energy and experience that I had and really moulding it into something and that's, specifically at the beginning what I did with AEW, it's a little different now because… it's just different with how, what I initially envisioned this was going to be with how it's presented now, in both good and bad ways because everything comes in twos. The playing field changes, but sometimes the perspective stays the same. You're still dealing with the same obstacles, but also the same positives. There are a lot more positives in terms of where I'm located now in how I can be and who I want to be. There are still some ropes attached to me that I cannot cut and sometimes, people just know better. You need the outside perspective.”

He continued by saying, "I'm glad, for instance now, I have Buddy Murphy, who might not be known for a guy who is really smart in terms of creativity, but he has these little gems that make me go, 'You're actually right, that's an interesting approach to something.' Then Brody, who comes from a completely different part of the wrestling scene and growing up in the realms of Ring of Honor and New Japan. He brings in a different flavour because he has a different style than anyone I've tagged with or worked with. I've worked with bigger dudes who are strike-heavy, but he draws his inspiration from different things. This blend of people who make the House of Black a unique and different aesthetic, energy, and vibe, I'm really content with that part of the process with what we're amplified as and what we present to the audience with the aesthetic and entrance. That part, at least, gives me a lot of satisfaction. It was part of a vision that Tony let me have and the process and continuation of it is sometimes where I feel, you're running through the same walls, sometimes. These walls are much more easily to be debated about and 'no' is not a definite no and 'yes' is not a definite yes where previously [in WWE], it was the biggest wall in the world and there was no possible way you could sway people. It's a challenge, but a much more mentally feasible challenge versus prior."

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