Mansoor Reveals Scrapped WWE Plans For Him To Be 'Undashing' As Part Of Cody Rhodes Programme

Mansoor was set be ‘Undashing’ with Cody Rhodes in WWE

Maximum Male Models, Mansoor and Mace, were released from their WWE contracts on September 21, part of sweeping talent releases from the company.

Post-release, the two took to Twitch to discuss their releases and divulge scrapped plans from their run, with Mansoor revealing a plan to work with Cody Rhodes:

“One of the ideas we had in Maximum Male Models. This almost happened, not this angle, but we did almost work with Cody Rhodes. I wanted him to hit me with the Cross Rhodes and it would break my nose. Then, I could do Undashing. I wanted to wear the mask like him and do the angle where I thought I was the ugliest person in the world and a horribly disfigured mutant. Everyone kept saying, 'we want Male Models to have more edge. We need more aggressive and vicious. What can we do?' I kept saying, 'Break my nose. I'm this vicious goblin,’” revealed Mansoor.

The angle would have been a play-off of Rhodes’ Dr. Doom inspired ‘Undashing’ run in 2011.

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