AEW Blocks Stevie Richards' YouTube Video On Jon Moxley's Concussion

Stevie Richards’ YouTube video on Jon Moxley’s recent concussion blocked by AEW

Stevie Richards’ latest video essay has been blocked by AEW, with Richards’ video examining Jon Moxley’s recent concussion taken down off of YouTube.

Richards’ analyses pro-wrestling on his channel, looking at injuries and accidents, as well as analysing in-ring action. After uploading the vid on Mox’s concussion that occurred at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam III on September 20, AEW had the video taken down, with Stevie saying the following on Twitter/X:

“So @AEW is already blocking my 'What Went Wrong?' video worldwide. Maybe the company should work just hard to protect their talent so videos like mine don’t have to be made.”

Some are suggesting that AEW didn’t want the video on YouTube as Mox may have suffered his concussion early in his bout, before wrestling for some time and calling an audible - facilitating an International Title change to Rey Fenix.

Fenix ended the match by hitting Mox with two Fire Thunder Drivers, with referee Rick Knox botching the count on the first. On closer inspection, it appears that Mox collided with the mat during the drivers, after catching Fenix during a senton off the ramp and hitting the back of his head on the ringside mats.

Richards’ video is now available behind a paywall via his Patreon channel.

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