White Pants Revealed To Be The Latest Thing Vince McMahon Hates

Get any white pants away from Vince McMahon immediately

Vince McMahon is certainly a unique individual when it comes to the things he dislikes, with it emerging over the years that the 78-year-old holds a hatred for nodding, sneezing, people eating before he has finished a steak, and grey hair

A new thing that Vince McMahon hates has now been revealed, though, with Mace (AKA Ma.çé) revealing during a Twitch stream with Mansoor (AKA Mån.sôör) the TKO Executive Chairman hates white pants. 

Mace and Mansoor had been on WWE TV as Maximum Male Models in 2022 and they revealed how the faction was very much Vince McMahon's baby.

Mansoor said: "Everything happened in the company where Vince left, Hunter took over. That was like three weeks after we debuted. I don't know if there has ever been worse timing. When we were approached to do Maximum Male Models. I'm not going to give the whole story, saving it for my book. It was given to us like, 'Here is the golden goose. If you guys grab the reigns on this and commit to it, you're going to be rich for a very long time because this is Vince's baby. He has wanted to do a male model act for eight months. He wanted this so bad.' Every week, we were supposed to do a new fashion show. We would go to the mall and buy the clothes. It was on us to buy the clothes. They gave us $2,000 to buy stuff. The rehearsal for the first fashion show was surreal. People were made to leave for us. For thirty minutes we rehearsed."

Mace added: "It was Money in the Bank. They were like, 'Get the ladders out of the way. We have to rehearse the fashion show.' Vince McMahon came out and showed me how to turn, and to change my white pants because he hates white pants." 

Mansoor then stated: "It's very rare for Vince to come out in rehearsals. He stays in his office. He came out for this. 'Is this our ticket to superstardom?'"

While Maximum Male Models were popular with fans, they ended up being pulled from WWE TV in May of 2023 and plans were in motion to repackage Mace and Mansoor. WWE instead released the tag team on September 21 along with over 20 talents as part of major post-UFC merger cuts.

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