Finn Balor Comments On Vince McMahon's Dislike Of Grey Hair

Vince McMahon might be bringing out the Just for Men for Finn Balor

Vince McMahon must be a huge advocate of Just For Men, with it well known the WWE Executive Chairman despises grey hair to the point the 77-year-old often dyes his own hair. 

McMahon encourages a similar policy for WWE talents, with Tommaso Ciampa recently dying his beard brown following his return from injury in June 2023, which was used as further evidence of the 77-year-old being back at the top of WWE creative.

A top WWE star could soon find himself at the centre of McMahon's grey hair policy as Finn Balor revealed to Steve Fall of that the WWE Executive has told him his greying beard makes him look older. Balor also noted he might have to dye it in the future, but his wife likes it and that's all that matters. 

"I don't dye it. I don't dye it, no. There's a couple of greys and Vince don't like the greys, full disclosure. Vince says it makes me look older so maybe I'll have to dye it in the future. But right now I've got a little salt-and-pepper look. My wife likes it, that's all that matters," Balor said.

Vince McMahon is currently on medical leave following spinal surgery so Balor's beard is safe for the time being. The 77-year-old also remains under investigation by the United States Government over unrecorded expenses related to alleged hush money payments and funds sent to the Donald Trump Foundation for WWE TV appearances. 

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