Jon Moxley Yelled Expletives At AEW Referee Following Grand Slam Botch

Jon Moxley swore at Rick Knox following the AEW Grand Slam botch

Jon Moxley was not very happy during Wednesday's night special Grand Slam edition of AEW Dynamite.

Moxley suffered what has been diagnosed as a minor concussion early on in his match with Rey Fenix for the AEW International Title at Grand Slam. The three-time AEW World Champion continued with the match despite the injury and Moxley was originally booked to retain but he called an audible to have Fenix go over.

This prompted Fenix to hit his Fire Thunder Driver for what was supposed to be the finish but referee Rick Knox held up before he counted the three. This prompted huge boos inside Arthur Ashe Stadium and led to Fenix hitting Moxley with a second Fire Thunder Driver. The referee then counted the 1-2-3 on this occasion for Fenix to win the International Championship. 

Moxley was deeply unhappy about the botched finish and Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Moxley yelled "f*ck you" at Rick Knox following the botch. Upon watching back the episode, Moxley can indeed be seen yelling expletives at Knox after the botch. 

Moxley appeared to be further injured during the finish but Dave Meltzer stated that Moxley was not harmed by either piledriver despite being dropped on his head. 

When the former AEW International Champion will return to action is unknown due to the nature of concussions. 

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