Mansoor Reveals Vince McMahon Wouldn't Let Him Lose On WWE NXT Or 205 Live

Mansoor talks about Vince McMahon refusing to let him lose in WWE NXT.

Since their recent releases from WWE, tag partners Mace and Mansoor have shared stories of their time in the company on Twitch. Mansoor in particular shed some light on his unique situation within WWE, explaining that for a while Vince McMahon wouldn't allow creative to book him in a loss of any kind. He explained:

"[I hadn't been on] NXT TV for like two years [...] because I wasn’t allowed to lose. I only worked NXT house shows and I was begging NXT creative, ‘Please. What can I do? What can I do? I just wanna be on the show. I love NXT. I really wanna be a part of the show,’ and eventually I found out that I wasn’t allowed to lose because Vince decreed that I wasn’t allowed to lose. 

"So I’m on 205 Live for a while where I can’t even be in a tag match where I don’t get pinned. I can’t even be in a triple threat where I lose by someone else getting pinned. I’m not allowed. So finally, I get called up and what’s the first thing that happens to me? I lose."

Mansoor was first signed by WWE in 2018 after being scouted during a tryout in his home country of Saudi Arabia. He was most recently part of the Maximum Male Models tag team alongside Mace, and his latest televised match with WWE was a battle royal on the May 15 episode of Raw earlier this year.

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