Maria Kanellis Claims AEW Have The Talent To Do An All Women's Show

Maria Kanellis speaks about the depth of female talent in AEW.

Former WWE. IMPACT and ROH star Maria Kanellis says that AEW has the talent to do an all-women's show. Speaking to, Maria spoke about the talent on display, but also implied that AEW might be better off building to such a show rather than hold it in the near future:

"They are more than capable of doing so. I also think, you have to look at it from the perspective of bandwidth. How much can you put out there right now on the AEW side when you're trying to take care of all of AEW's brand, plus Ring of Honor? A smart person isn't going to necessarily add more things unless they already know what every company and brand situation is going to be a month or six months from now. I know we don't like to look at things from a business perspective as wrestling fans, but there is that side. Is that the best use of time right now? Or now that we're getting several women's matches on pay-per-view that are highly rated, is it better to build that until you get to a place where you know what your profit is going to be?"

The current women's title-holders in AEW are Jamie Hayter (AEW Women's World Championship) and Jade Cargill (TBS Championship.)

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