Maria Kanellis Provides Update On ROH Talks With Tony Khan

Maria Kanellis has previously played a significant role in ROH's women's division

When Maria Kanellis and The Kingdom signed with AEW/ROH, many assumed that Kanellis would once again be involved with Ring of Honor’s women’s division, having played a significant part in the division’s revival in mid-2021.

With the future of ROH still up in the air, progress on plans for the women’s division have apparently stalled, with Kanellis saying the following to Just Alyx:

“So we've talked in the past about the ROH women's division and, because there's no real path moving forward in terms of knowing if there is gonna be a TV or not, we don't really talk about that anymore," Kanellis said. "As far as what we've been doing on AEW, it's very much tag team wrestling focused. My goal right now is getting tag team gold on The Kingdom. That’s my main focus. So I don't really think about anything else because it's really important to be successful as a tag team.”

Whilst the future of the ROH women’s division is so far a mystery, Kanellis did praise the current state of the AEW women’s division:

“Well, when any division starts you really don't know how they're gonna blend and they have tons of their own self-made stars, you know? Lots of in-house AEW brand exclusive stars. And I think that's incredible. They have such a strong women's division and I think they're starting to really find their groove. Everybody from new faces like Jade Cargill and veterans like Toni Storm. These stories are starting to come out, and it takes time to get there. It takes time to build. I think right now is really one of the best times I've seen the AEW women's division,” said Kanellis.

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