Maria Kanellis Thinks WWE Should Bring Back The Divas Butterfly Belt

Should WWE bring the divisive Divas Butterfly Title back? Maria Kanellis thinks so

Many long-term wrestling fans will argue that the WWE Divas Championship title belt - you know the butterfly one - is one of the worst title designs in wrestling history, and is synonymous with a dark time for women’s wrestling in WWE.

However, it seems there are fans of the Divas era, with former WWE star Maria Kanellis defending the belt and the era during an appearance on Grapsody with Will Washington:

"There were a ton. Trish [Stratus], Lita, Ivory caught the tail end of that. Victoria, Molly was in that era. You had workers. Down the line, you have Beth [Phoenix], Melina, Mickie [James], Nattie. You had a ton of workers that came from the Indies too. It was a mix at that time. I think they should bring back the Butterfly belt. I do. I know people will disagree with me and that’s fine. That’s why wrestling is great because when you watch wrestling, you don’t see everybody looking exactly the same," Kanellis said.

After the ‘Divas revolution’ in 2015, WWE phased out the ‘Diva’ term and title belt, with the WWE Women’s Championship unveiled at WrestleMania 32 in 2016.

Kanellis herself sees the Divas era in a positive light and thinks there’s room in modern WWE for that form of presentation:

"I sometimes write in my Twitter messages, ‘Still a Diva.’ It had to [fluctuate]. You have to go all the way to the right and then all the way to the left and then somewhere in the middle we find what works the best. I still there’s a place for that. I still think if you want to be glamorous and do more girly moves, that’s fine, that’s your style. If you want to be more aggressive and go out there with no makeup and wearing no shorts and t-shirt, fine. Talent comes in all forms. Sexy, there is a whole rainbow of sexy. That’s how society is," continued Kanellis.

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