Mark Henry Explains Why He Hasn't Had A Retirement Match

Mark Henry's mind was willing, but the body...

Mark Henry recently left AEW, bringing to an end a three-year run that saw him work primarily as an interviewer/personality on Rampage, as well as an analyst, coach, scout and mentor behind-the-scenes. 

'The World's Strongest Man' didn't step in the ring for Tony Khan's promotion, with his last match being as an entrant in WWE's The Greatest Royal Rumble in 2018.

Asked why he never had a proper retirement match during a recent appearance on Insight, the WWE Hall of Famer told host Chris Van Vliet: 

"Yeah, my body said, man, f*ck your plan! My back gave out. It just never allowed me [to compete], and I can probably have surgery. I keep putting it off because I just want to keep moving around. But eventually, I'm gonna have to just get it fixed".

During the same interview, Henry talked about helping Bryan Danielson get noticed by WWE, saying: 

"His talent was undeniable, and WWE wanted big people, and I was like, listen, 'I saw a guy wrestle last night that was good. I don't give a sh*t what his size is. He's one of the most entertaining guys I've watched'. I worked with Steve Austin and... I said, 'This dude [Danielson] is really good, but then I lied, I said he's 6' 1, about 200 pounds', but I got him in the door, and he did the rest. Some people just need a look. He just needed a look. I didn't help him at all. I just opened the door".

In 2022, Henry spoke in detail about his debilitating back issues and how they prevent him from doing anything too physical.

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