Marty Jannetty Undergoes Ankle Replacement Surgery

Jannetty has a history of ankle problems

Marty Jannetty has revealed he has undergone successful ankle replacement surgery.

Jannetty has previously discussed his history of ankle problems, which he believes stems from making a career jumping down from heights onto his opponents. Images have previously surfaced of him walking on the side of his feet, so as to avoid putting more pressure on his damaged ankles. 

The former WWE Intercontinental champion underwent his first reconstructive ankle surgery last year and has now had surgery on his other ankle. 

Writing on his Facebook, the 61-year-old said: "Today is a good day...Dr Lee-Mac (best in the World) says it took well... we on the way back y'all!! And again, thank you all for the prayers, BELIEVE IT, God is good!"

Jannetty estimated that he wrestled 300 matches a year at the height of his career, undertaking at least one high spot in each one of those outings. 

With a 38-year career as a professional wrestler, Jannetty last appeared on WWE television in 2009 when he faced the then-United States champion The Miz on Raw in a losing effort.

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